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Welcome to Dogwood Animal Hospital & Pet Resort Your Trusted Veterinarian for 19 years in the  Brandon, Flowood area , Mississippi

Finding high-quality veterinary services is no easy task. It’s difficult to find an animal hospital that offers caring services at affordable prices. But if you happen to live in the Brandon, Flowood area, MS , then Dogwood Animal Hospital & Pet Resort is the place for you! From our experienced and passionate team members to our wide variety of services, we can help your beloved pets live long and healthy lives. Stop by our animal hospital today to meet our exceptional team and see what we have to offer! Keep reading to learn more information about our services, staff, and the common conditions we treat.

Overview of Our Practice

Located in Brandon, MS, Dogwood Animal Hospital & Pet Resort sits right outside of Flowood and Jackson. Our convenient location and proximity to nearby freeways make getting to our practice simple and stress-free. Once you step foot into our vet hospital, you’ll be greeted with a friendly face. Our building has an amazing atmosphere and our caring team is here to comfort you and your furry animals whenever you them. When it comes to our veterinarians, we are happy to have Dr. Andrea M. Jones, Dr. Brooke Meddars and Dr. Kirby Sills. All of our doctors have been serving the needs of pets for decades and they have a strong passion for what they do every single day.

Our Services

Another thing that sets us apart is our long list of professional services. Take a look at them below:

    • Preventative Health
    • Surgery and Aftercare
    • Lab Tests and X-ray
    • Microchipping
    • Dealing with Pet Loss
    • Laser Therapy
    • DD Vaccinations
    • Diagnostics
    • Spading
    • Behavioral Medicine
    • Dental care
    • Emergency Care
    • Nutritional Counseling
    • On-site Lab Testing
    • Pain Management
    • Parasite Prevention
    • In-house and Online Pharmacy
    • Digital Radiography
    • Surgery
    • Wellness Care
    • Boarding

Given our wide selection of services, we’re here to offer treatment no matter what your pets’ needs are.

Conditions Our  Veterinarian Treats

Our veterinarians  are happy to treat an extensive range of conditions. Take a look at some common conditions that we treat here at our vet hospital:

    • Diet issues
    • Broken bones
    • Pulled muscles
    • Bug bites
    • Hip dysplasia
    • Position ingestion
    • Arthritis
    • Cuts and scrapes
    • Ear complications
    • Oral issues
    • Behavior problems
    • And many more

No matter what condition you and your pets are dealing with, we will do our best to offer a fast and effective solution. We do not like seeing pets go through health problems, so we’ll do everything in our power to rejuvenate their health and keep them healthy for life. From a routine checkup to emergency care, we’re here for all of your pets’ needs.

If you’re searching for a trusted and experienced veterinarian, located conveniently on Old Fannin Road in the Flowood, Brandon area, then pick up the phone and call Dogwood Animal Hospital & Pet Resort at 601-992-9555 to make an appointment! 

Meet Our Skilled Team

Learn Who We Are

  • Dr. Andrea M. Jones D.V.M.

    I graduated from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1997.  After graduation, I relocated to Memphis, TN area where I practiced small animal medicine.  In May of 2001 I returned to my hometown of Jackson, MS and Started Dogwood Animal Hospital and Pet Resort in Flowood MS.  I have a strong interest in the human-animal bond and in geriatric medicine.  I am an active member of the community and am Vice President of the local Veterinary association.  I ran the Chicago Marathon in 2006. I am passionate about health and wellness and enjoy working out.    I have one dog, Grace a 6 year old Beagle Mix and two guinea pigs Cuddles and Happy at home.  I also have a wonderful, supportive family which include My husband and my 10 year old son.

  • Dr. Kirby Sills D.V.M.

    I have been a part time relief veterinarian at Dogwood Animal Hospital off and on for 5 years.  I work full time as the Director of Veterinary Technology Program at Hinds Community College for the past 10 years, I also work as a part time emergency clinician at The Animal Emergency and Referral Center.  I graduated with a Bachelor of Science, Animal Science from MS State University in 1979 and DVM-MS State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1983. Part time relief veterinarian in the Metro Jackson area since 2001.   What I enjoy the most working at Dogwood Animal Hospital is the interaction with the client and their pets in general practice.  I also enjoy working with the staff as well, they make my job easier.  My hobbies include racing RC boats and building advanced models. I have a wonderful family, which include my wife, three step daughters, one son, one daughter, and two grandchildren. I also have very close friends.  My furr family include three dogs and three cats.

  • Dr. Medders

    Hi, I’m Dr. Medders! I am a part-time relief veterinarian and recentlystarted working at Dogwood Animal Hospital. I am originally from theJackson area and graduated from MSU with my bachelors degree and doctorateof veterinary medicine. I love small animal medicine because of the bondswe create with our patients and clients each day. I have a special interestin behavioral medicine such as separation anxiety, fear-aggression andother common issues. My goal is to help every pet have a safe and happyvisit to the vet! At home I have my husband, a brand new baby, 2 pups Miloand Eugene and a guinea pig!

  • Cristy McNabb
    Office Manager, Receptionist

    I’m Cristy McNabb.  I have worked at Dogwood Animal Hospital for 16 years as head nurse, office manager and receptionist.  I am also the nutrition specialist here at the hospital and enjoy educating our clients about the needs of their pets.  I am certified by the American Institute of Medical Laser Application for the use of our Companion Laser Therapy.  Being Head Nurse for the first 7 years here at Dogwood I also am very knowledgeable about the various flea and heartworm preventions on the market.  I also enjoy educating our clients about puppy training and behavior.    I have 3 dogs, Nate a 7 year old Chihuahua, Tuffy a 2 year old Biewer Terrier, Milo a 2 year old Biewer Terrier and one cat Penelope at home so I know how important our four-legged family members can be in our lives.  I love our patients and clients like family and take a lot of pride in my work.  I plan on being at Dogwood Animal Hospital for years to come and hope you will come join our family and be a part of it with me and the rest of our wonderful, caring staff.

  • Sara Sharp
    Head Nurse

    I’m Sara Sharp.  I have worked at Dogwood Animal Hospital for 4 years.  I started as the kennel attendant and am now head nurse.  I am certified by the American Institute of Medical Laser Application for the use of our Companion Laser Therapy.  I am working towards my Associates degree in business.  Working with animals has by far been the most rewarding job I’ve ever had.  I have three dogs, Harry a 5 year old Beagle, Lulu a 6 year old chihuahua and Deacon a 1 year old Boxer, a cat Stevie, and a guinea pig, Honey at home.  I enjoy teaching our clients the importance of their monthly heartworm and flea preventions as well as how to take care of their new puppies and kitties.  As a hobby I also enjoy dog training.  I have a boxer that I have taken through training classes and have found I have a knack for it.  I really enjoy speaking with our clients about training and behavior. 

  • Kelly Oubre

    Hi, I’m Kelly.  I have worked at Dogwood Animal Hospital for almost a year now.  Before working here, I got a lot of experience working for the Animal Emergency and Referral Center, another primary veterinary clinic and an animal shelter.  I have a combined experience in the veterinary field for over 10 years. I am a Receptionist here but also work in the kennel and Nurse when needed.  I am always ready to answer any questions you may have about heartworm, flea prevention, and food.  I have four dogs at home, Mason a 2 year old Maltese, Bella a 10 year old Pomeranian, Willow a 5 year old Shih-Tzu mix, Peggy a 14 year old Shih-Tzu.  I love the small, very fuzzy, and a little special fur babies.  One of my little ones has a prosthetic leg.  My hobbies include petting my dogs, brushing my dogs, grooming my dogs, and cuddling my dogs.  You could say that I am a “crazy dog lady” and I am ok with that title!

  • Alexis Barnes

    Hi, I’m Alexis. I have worked at Dogwood Animal Hospital for two years.  I started as a Receptionist but am now one of the Nurses.  I also help in the Kennel when needed.  I love animals.  I grew up in the country with my sister and three brothers.  We always had lots of animals around to play with.  Working here I have learned skills that will help me better my pet’s lives.  I have two dogs, Rambo a 4 year old Lab, and Jersey a 7 month old Dachshund mix, and a cat Donnie at home.  They have lots of energy and are always getting up to no good.  I love being around the animals all day and enjoy helping our clients know how to help their pet live their best life. 

  • Chad Perry
    Kennel Attendant

    I’m Chad.  I have worked at Dogwood Animal Hospital for 5 months.  Before working here, I had not worked with animals before.  I have learned a lot so far.  I work in the kennel and spend my days caring for the animals that are boarding in our boarding facility.  I have two dogs Ellie a 1 year old German Shorthair Pointer, Tucker a 6 year old Yorkie and a cat Franklin at home.  I am a newlywed.  For my hobbies I play in a band on the weekends at local establishments. I also work part time at a music store.  Let’s just say I love music and animals.  So, if you want to let your dogs and cats stay at the coolest boarding around just come on by and let them stay with me.

  • Jordyn Jones
    Kennel Attendant, Nurse

    Hi, I’m Jordyn.  I have worked at Dogwood Animal Hospital for two months.  I do have previous experience because I also worked here as a teenager. Some of you may know me because my mom is Cristy Mcnabb our office manager.  I basically grew up here at Dogwood.   Since working here before I have finished school and have had two baby boys.  I love taking care of the animals in the kennel.  I stay busy all day.  There is always a fur baby that needs to be held or played with.  My favorite are our regular boarders that come almost every weekend.  They become our extended family.  I look forward to working here for the future so bring your pet by to see us for boarding or anything else they need.

  • Kelly King
    Kennel Attendant

    Hi, I’m Kelly.  I have worked at Dogwood Animal Hospital for one month.  I am a part time kennel attendant.  I want to go to school to be a Vet Tech.  I want to learn as much as I can before I start school.  So far, I am learning a lot.  I have always loved animals and have a lot of them at home.  I have four dogs and a snake.  I love playing with the animals that board in our kennel.  We see them on a regular basis so I’m sure I will get attached.  If you are looking to board your pet call us.  We have a great place to board them.


Read What Our Clients Say

    These are some of the kindest, most loving people! You cannot go wrong having your fur-babies taken care of here!!

    April H.

    Dogwood has treated both of our pets and loved them unconditionally, especially our Chloe. Buddy had his visit for shots today and a skin issue that we are on the right track to control💕🐶

    Becky T.

    Thank you for making the passage to the Rainbow Bridge for our Starr easy for our family. We miss her so much . Your staff showed so much compassion and comfort. Today in the mail we received the sweetest gift from Dogwood staff , Starr's pawprint and a beautiful card signed by all. Again thank you so much for your kindness and the wonderful gift I will cherish.

    Lori F.

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